Название книги: Встраиваемые системы на основе Linux (2015)
Год: 2015
Автор: Крис Симмондс
Язык: Английский
Формат: pdf, fb2, epub, mobi
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Описание книги “Встраиваемые системы на основе Linux”:

An embedded system is a device with a computer inside that doesn’t look like a computer. Washing machines, televisions, printers, cars, aircraft, and robots are all controlled by a computer of some sort, and in some cases, more than one. As these devices become more complex, and as our expectations of the things that we can do with them expand, the need for a powerful operating system to control them grows. Increasingly, Linux is the operating system of choice.

The power of Linux stems from its open source model, which encourages sharing of code. This means that software engineers from many backgrounds, and often employed by competing companies, can cooperate to create an operating system kernel that is up-to-date and tracks the development of the hardware. From this one code base, there is support from the largest super computers down to a wristwatch. Linux is only one component of the operating system. Many other components are needed to create a working system, from basic tools, such as a command shell, to graphical user interfaces, with web content and communicating with cloud services.

The Linux kernel together with an extensive range of other open source components allow you to build a system that can function in a wide range of roles.
However, flexibility is a double-edged sword. While it gives a system designer
a wide choice of solutions to a particular problem, it also presents the problem of knowing which are the best choices. The propose of this book is to describe in detail how to construct an embedded Linux system using free, open source projects to produce a robust, reliable, and efficient system. It is based on the experience of the author as a consultant and trainer over a period of many years, using examples to illustrate best practices.



Chapter 1: Starting Out

Chapter 2: Learning About Toolchains

Chapter 3: All About Bootloaders

Chapter 4: Porting and Configuring the Kernel

Chapter 5: Building a Root Filesystem

Chapter 6: Selecting a Build System

Chapter 7: Creating a Storage Strategy

Chapter 8: Introducing Device Drivers

Chapter 9: Starting up – the init Program

Chapter 10: Learning About Processes and Threads

Chapter 11: Managing Memory

Chapter 12: Debugging with GDB

Chapter 13: Profiling and Tracing

Chapter 14: Real-time Programming


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