Название книги: Mastering Bash
Год: 2017
Авторы: Джорджо Дзаррелли
Страниц: 496
Язык: Английский
Формат: pdf, fb2, epub, mobi
Размер: 53.7 MB, 1 MB, 0.3 MB, 0.4 MB

Описание книги “Mastering Bash (2017)”:

Bash is a common tool for everyday tasks that almost every Linux user relies on. Whatever you want to do, you have to log in to a shell, and most of the time, it will be Bash. This book aims to explain how to use this tool to get the most out of it, whether it be programming a plugin or network client or simply explaining why a double dot means what it means, we will dig a bit deeper than usual to become fully confident with our shell. Starting from the basics but with a different point of view, we will climb up step by step, focusing on the programming side of our environment, looking at how to prevent any issues in setting up our recurring tasks and ensure that everything works fine. Make it once, take your time, debug, improve, and then fire and forget; as in old Linux saying states, “If it works, why change it?” So, since we are dealing with sayings, we could stick to the other two cornerstones: “KISS: Keep it simple, stupid” and “Do only one thing, but do it well.” These are three principles around which Linux revolves: making something, not everything, and making it simple and reliable and taking your time to make it work well so you do not have to modify it too often over time. When something is focused and simple, it is easy to understand, well maintained, and safe. And that is our approach, since Bash is not only a tool but also the environment we spend a lot of time in, and so understanding it, making the best use of it, and keeping everything clean and tidy should be our daily aim.


 Chapter 1: Let’s Start Programming
Chapter 2: Operators
Chapter 3: Testing 
Chapter 4: Quoting and Escaping 
Chapter 5: Menus, Arrays, and Functions 
Chapter 6: Iterations 
Chapter 7: Plug into the Real World 
Chapter 8: We Want to Chat 
Chapter 9: Subshells, Signals, and Job Controls 
Chapter 10: Lets Make a Process ChatChapter 11: Living as a Daemon 
Chapter 12: Remote Connections over SSH 
Chapter 13: Its Time for a Timer 
Chapter14: Time for Safety 

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