Название книги: Node.js 8 the Right Way (2018)
Год: 2018
Авторы: Jim R. Wilson
Страниц: 323
Язык: Английский
Формат: pdf, fb2, epub, mobi
Размер: 7 MB, 7.55 MB, 4.02 MB, 4.85 MB

Описание книги «Node.js 8 the Right Way (2018)»:

This book is for intermediate to advanced developers who want to learn how
to write asynchronous JavaScript for the server using Node.js. Some prior
JavaScript experience will definitely help, but you don’t have to be an expert.
The book proceeds in three parts, outlined here briefly.

Part I is about getting you up to speed on Node.js 8. You’ll write Node.js programs that use core modules—and a few external modules as well—to do
things like interact with the filesystem, spin up a cluster of worker processes,
and manage network connections.

In Part II, you’ll work with real data and lay the groundwork for an end-toend application. This starts with processing data files in a testable way. You’ll
also learn to compose rich command-line utilities using Node.js and interact
with HTTP services.

Part III is where everything comes together. You’ll develop web services that
mediate between your API users and your back-end data services. End users
don’t interact directly with APIs, though, so for that you’ll implement a
beautiful UI. At the end, you’ll tie it all together with session management
and authentication.

In case you’re interested in using the front-end frameworks Angular and
React, Appendix 1, Setting Up Angular, on page 285, and Appendix 2, Setting
Up React, on page 291, show you how to integrate them with webpack and
Express. The appendixes will help you put the pieces in place to start experimenting, but they don’t take the place of a good tutorial on how to fully
develop with them.


Part I — Getting Up to Speed on Node.js 8
1. Getting Started
2. Wrangling the File System 
3. Networking with Sockets
4. Connecting Robust Microservices 

Part II — Working with Data
5. Transforming Data and Testing Continuously 
6. Commanding Databases

Part III — Creating an Application from the Ground Up
7. Developing RESTful Web Services 
8. Creating a Beautiful User Experience 
9. Fortifying Your Application
10. BONUS: Developing Flows with Node-RED 
A1. Setting Up Angular 
A2. Setting Up React

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