Название книги: Разработка веб-приложений с помощью PHP и MySQL
Год: 2016
Авторы: Люк Веллинг, Лаура Томсон
Язык: Английский
Формат: pdf, epub
Размер: 7.1 МВ 34.2 МВ

Описание книги «Разработка веб-приложений с помощью PHP и MySQL»:

This book will teach you how to create interactive web applications from the simplest order form through to complex, secure web applications. What’s more, you’ll learn how to do it using open-source technologies. 

Why You Should Read This Book

This book is aimed at readers who already know at least the basics of HTML and have done some programming in a modern programming language before but have not necessarily programmed for the web or used a relational database. If you are a beginning programmer, you should still find this book useful, but digesting it might take a little longer. We’ve tried not to leave out any basic concepts, but we do cover them at speed. The typical readers of this book want to master PHP and MySQL for the purpose of building a large or commercial website. You might already be working in another web development language; if so, this book should get you up to speed quickly.

What You Will Learn from This Book

Reading this book will enable you to build real-world, dynamic web applications. If you’ve built websites using plain HTML, you realize the limitations of this approach. Static content from a pure HTML website is just that—static. It stays the same unless you physically update it. Your users can’t interact with the site in any meaningful fashion.

Using a language such as PHP and a database such as MySQL allows you to make your sites dynamic: to have them be customizable and contain real-time information.

We have deliberately focused this book on real-world applications, even in the introductory chapters. We begin by looking at simple systems and work our way through the various parts of PHP and MySQL.


Chapter 1. Using PHP
Chapter 2. Using MySQL
Chapter 3. Web Application Security
Chapter 4. Advanced PHP Techniques
Chapter 5. Building Practical PHP and MySQL Projects

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