Название книги: Python Cookbook
Год: 2013
Автор: Дэвид Бизли
Язык: Английский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 7.7 MB

Описание книги «Python Cookbook»:

Just as Python 3 is about the future, this edition of the Python Cookbook represents a major change over past editions. First and foremost, this is meant to be a very forward looking book. All of the recipes have been written and tested with Python 3.3 without regard to past Python versions or the “old way” of doing things. In fact, many of the recipes will only work with Python 3.3 and above.

This is not a book designed for beginners trying to learn Python for the first time. In fact, it already assumes that you know the basics that might be taught in a Python tutorial or more introductory book. This book is also not designed to serve as a quick reference manual (e.g., quickly looking up the functions in a specific module). Instead, the book aims to focus on specific programming topics, show possible solutions, and serve as a springboard for jumping into more advanced material you might find online or in a reference.

Who Is This Book For?

This book is aimed at more experienced Python programmers who are looking to deepen their understanding of the language and modern programming idioms. Much of the material focuses on some of the more advanced techniques used by libraries, frameworks, and applications. Many of the more advanced recipes will reward the reader’s patience with a much greater insight into how Python actually works under the covers. You will learn new tricks and techniques that can be applied to your own code.


Chapter 1: Data Structures and Algorithms

Chapter 2: Strings and Text

Chapter 3: Numbers, Dates, and Times

Chapter 4: Iterators and Generators

Chapter 5: Files and I/O

Chapter 6: Data Encoding and Processing

Chapter 7: Functions

Chapter 8: Classes and Objects

Chapter 9: Metaprogramming

Chapter 10: Modules and Packages

Chapter 11: Network and Web Programming

Chapter 12: Concurrency

Chapter 13: Utility Scripting and System Administration

Chapter 14: Testing, Debugging, and Exceptions

Chapter 15: C Extensions

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